Branegan Dixon
Full Body Fitness LLC

Full Body Fitness, LLC is Central Oregon’s premiere personal training company. If you like the gym atmosphere, come see us at the Redmond Athletic Club.

Our Mission:
To bring knowledge, experience and passion to individuals ready to take their life to the next level through educated health and fitness practices.

What does the training department offer?
As professional NASM certified personal trainers, we are dedicated to assess and develop a personal health and fitness program that will meet our clients’ needs and fitness goals. Each session will utilize proper techniques to improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, Muscle hypertrophy, nutrition and rest.

Meet Our Personal Trainers:
Branegan Dixon – Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
Branegan Dixon is an NASM certified personal trainer as well as owner and trainer for Full Body Fitness, LLC. He has a passion for fitness and shares that passion with his clients in helping them achieve their personal goals in health and fitness.Though he really enjoys strength training and power lifting for himself he trains the majority of his clients i; weight loss, leaning/toning, hypertrophy, balance and core.

Dean Munsey
Personal Trainer with 25 + years of experience.
Dean brings so much personal experience to his PT clients. Dean has been a competitive powerlifter and strongman athlete for over 25 years. Dean brings so much passion to his personal raining client which is evident in the wide range of men and women who gravitate to his services.

Scott Schmitz
NASM Certified Personal Trainer