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Group fitness is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan. Each class is structured with a warm-up, a balanced workout, and a cool-down. All classes are included free with every membership.


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Group Fitness Descriptions

Body Pump is a results-driven strength training workout utilizing an adjustable barbell, weight plates and body weight. This is a full body workout with fantastic music and amazing instructors!



Body Combat is an explosive MMA cardio and strength training workout.  You will fight your way to shaping your body and self confidence.  



Grit. Get ready to add HIIT workouts to your life and take your fitness to the next level. These 30-minute HIIT workouts build cardiovascular fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle, and maximizing calorie burn.

Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic workout that will leave you wanting more. Be prepared to “shake” that body into shape.


High Fitness. A combination of aerobic and anaerobic training, alternating bouts of high-intensity movement with moderate/active recovery means you avoid plateaus and constantly challenge your body in a safe and effective way.

Pound Combines cardio, Pilates, isometric movements and plyometrics with constant simulated drumming. An energizing, infectious, sweat-dripping workout, as well as a neuromuscular reward of mixing sound and movement.

FOREVER FIT. This class is designed to meet the unique needs of mature adults but is also enjoyed by everyone.  Combines low-impact cardio, strength, and flexibility. Bring a friend or meet them in class!



BARRE ABOVE. Barre classes mix elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training. You’ll use the barre and exercise equipment such as mini-balls and small hand weights to sculpt, slim, and stretch your entire body.



YOGA. Build strength, increase flexibility and focus. This class is challenging and dynamic linking breath to movement and you will learn the fundamental Yoga postures and principles that create an effective yoga practice.



SPIN. A traditional indoor cycle class that will challenge your heart and define your body.  Great tunes and no traffic. You will be led through hills, valleys, and flats. This class is geared for everyone.

RAC F.I.T. This 30-minute Functional, Interval, Training class hits all components of fitness. Cycle through fun cardio and strength intervals that will work the body from head to toe.

TRX/TRX Bootcamp  TRX is a form of suspension training that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete the exercises.

UpBeat Lift combines pure strength SUPERSETs with progressive overload endurance training, isolating muscle groups and working to failure with heavy weights, then working to build endurance in drop-sets. UPL rocks popular tunes, choreographed for an intense and accessible Muscular Strength workout.

Pound Unplugged  Blending 20 minutes of high-intensity training with 10 minutes of rhythmic breathing, mindfulness, and meditation, POUND Unplugged will make you sweat, release, and boost neurochemicals before quickly settling back into a peaceful, recharged, and empowered state. All within 30 minutes.

UpBeat Barre is a muscular-endurance HIIT fusion of cardio, strength, pilates, and yoga. UPB uses popular music to create an accessible, sweaty, and balanced workout with varying levels of intensity.

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