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Our competitive prices offer the best value in the market!  RAC memberships and our personalized approach to fitness help you stay on track and ensure you achieve the results you desire in a fun, comfortable atmosphere.

$99 enrollment fee for each member


1 Mo. Paid in Full:                    $69

Month-to-Month:                      $59/mo.                        
1-Year Commitment:                $49/mo.
1-Year Paid in Full: $540          $45/mo.



Pairs Month-to-Month:         $108         $54 each
Pairs 1 Year Commitment:   $88           $44 each
1 Yr Paid in Full for Pairs:    $936         $39 each


Youth 13-17: 

Must have a parent/guardian present upon signing up.

Month-to-Month: $49/month 

Free 5 VIP Day Pass (Non-Visitor): MUST BE C.O. RESIDENT
Day & Class Visitor Pass: $13

7-Day Pass (keycard provided): $39                       


• 65 years old: 10% off

• Military: 10% off



Military and senior discount
Silver & Fit / Active and Fit Program
Silver Sneakers
AARP/Active Renew
Corporate account 


Military or Senior; 10% off membership.  

Silver & Fit; 100% paid for by insurance.  Members must be 65 or over and have insurance with a participating provider.

Silver Sneakers; 100% paid for by insurance.  Members must be 65 or over and have insurance with a participating provider.  

Active & Fit; Member pays their insurance company at a discounted rate and the company compensates the club. Contact the insurance company for more details

AAPR/Active Renew; 100% paid for by AARP. Please check with the provider for confirmation.  

Corporate: 3 or more employees are required to qualify.  $0 enrollment for each employee and free to a member- paid for by their company. 


Hydro Massage: Single use $5            Unlimited monthly $25

FarInfrared Sauna: Single use $30      Unlimited monthly $175 Share sauna session with a friend for an extra $20

Locker service: $15/ month  or $150 for the year

At Redmond Athletic Club in Redmond, Oregon, we believe that fitness should be a fun and personalized experience. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable atmosphere that caters to everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Our goal is to help you stay on track and achieve the results you desire. With competitive prices and a team of experienced trainers and coaches, RAC is the best gym for you!
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